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Dayr Yakub

Dayr Yakub is a C5th monastery on the edge of the suburbs to the south of Urfa. The monastery is built on the top of a hill above an ancient quarry and clearly appropriated the site of a former pagan sanctuary. The earlier cult complex was also used as a necropolis as well as a place of sacrifice as a Palmyrene-style tomb tower, complete with a Syriac inscription, was incorporated into the later monastery buildings.

Type: Architecture
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Mosaic from Villa of the Amazons

Mosaic with scenes from the life of Achilles with figures including Thetis, Chiron and Odysseus. Border scenes include animals and buildings. Villa of the Amazons, Halepli Bahçe, C5th-C6th.

Type: Mosaic
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Urfa City Walls

The traces of the west wall of the city, subsumed into buildings of many different periods.

Type: Architecture
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Overview of where the Halepli Bahçe mosaics were discovered

The region of Halepli Bahçe where the Villa of the Amazons was discovered.

Type: Architecture
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Rock-cut tomb chambers, Urfa

The chambers are cut out of the rock beneath the west wall of the old city and have the old city to their east and the Halepli Bahçe to their west. They have been excavated by bulldozer as a new hotel is to be constructed over the chambers and the ruins are to be incorporated into the new building.

Type: Architecture
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Urfa City Walls

The most complete section of the ancient city walls still extant is in the north-eastern sector of the old city around what is now known as the 'Bey Gate', but which was in fact a bastion.

Type: Architecture
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The well of the Prophet Job

A well and cave that are associated by local tradition with the places where the Prophet Job suffered and was then cured of a skin disease are located to the south of the old city of Urfa. The complex is called the Eyyüp Peygamber Makamı and the well head is constructed of reused Roman masonry.

Type: Architecture
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Harran Gate, one of the south gates into the old city of Urfa

The Harran gate is built around the original late antique gate and incorporates late antique elements as well as Seljuk sculpture. These views show bot the north and south sides of the gate.

Type: Architecture
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View of the Old City from Urfa Citadel

The Old City (which was walled for many centuries) viewed from Urfa Citadel to the south.

Type: Architecture
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