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Palmyra 1962

These images of Palmyra were taken in the summer of 1962. The tourist infrastructure was less developed at this time and the images also show evidence of intrusive levels of renovation that had mellowed or been replaced by the later half of the C20th. For details relating to each image separately in this item please refer to the inventory appended to this collection.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Rock-cut tomb beneath Qalat Ibn Maan

This tomb was cut out of the stone at the base of the hill to the west of the ancient city.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Views of the decumanus at Palmyra

These images show the main colonnaded street, the decumanus, at Palmyra from a variety of different angles.

Type: Architecture
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View of the remains of the southern city walls

This shows a southern section of the city wall, bordering the wadi with Qalat Ibn Maan in the background.

Type: Architecture
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Palmyra Agora

The agora of Palmyra was located to the south of the tetrapylon and dates to the late C2nd.

Type: Architecture
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Tomb of Elahbel

This is one of the best-preserved tomb towers still extant and preserves many elements of its original fresco and sculptural decoration.

Type: Architecture
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View the funerary temple besides Diocletian's Camp at the western gate of Palmyra

This temple marks the end of the decumanus and is besides the C3rd area of the city known as 'Diocletian's Camp at the western end of the settlement.

Type: Architecture
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Palmyra Tetrapylon

The Tetrapylon that stands today was reconstructed by the DGAM in the 1960s. The original structure was built in the C3rd in the reign of Diocletian. It is a measure of the wealth of the city at this time that the granite columns were imported from Egypt. The structure marks the crossroads where the axis of the main thoroughfare turns to a more acute northern angle.

Type: Architecture
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Palmyra Theatre

The theatre in Palmyra.

Type: Architecture
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Entrance to the Tomb of the Three Brothers

The Tomb of the Three Brothers is a well-known frescoed hypogeum to the south of the Valley of the Tombs. The entrance has an extensive Palmyrene inscription over the door detailing the names of those interred inside.

Type: Inscription
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