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Triumphal Arch halfway along the Street Called Straight 1992

This photograph was taken in December 1992 and shows the point halfway along the "Street Called Straight" in Damascus (mentioned in Acts 9:11) where there is a definite bend in the road.

Type: Architecture
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Palmyra 1962

These images of Palmyra were taken in the summer of 1962. The tourist infrastructure was less developed at this time and the images also show evidence of intrusive levels of renovation that had mellowed or been replaced by the later half of the C20th. For details relating to each image separately in this item please refer to the inventory appended to this collection.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Dayr Seman

Dayr Seman is the village at the foot of the hill on which Qalat Seman stands and was the main reception centre for the many pilgrims who flocked to visit Simon Stylites, and after his death in 459, the pillar that he stood on. These are general views of the settlement and the triumphal arch that marked the path for pilgrims travelling to Qalat Seman.

Type: Architecture
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