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Continuity and Change in the Georgian Highlands

This is a brief essay explaining why Georgian mountain sites and traditional places of worship have been included on the website. It briefly discusses the possibility that there is some historical overlap between Christian and traditional vernacular religious beliefs in the Georgian mountain cultures and offers a brief discussion of this along with an introductory bibliography to the subject.

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Database of Syrian Archaeological Material and Issues Relating to the Syrian Civil War

An explanation of the database of Syrian archaeological material on this site, this section offers a brief description of the resources deposited here as well as offering links to websites that record damage and destruction caused by the Syrian civil war. This exhibit is intended to offer a starting point for people interested in Syrian cultural heritage and who wish to explore further questions around the ongoing damage to Syrian monuments. Some pages in this section will also consider issues relating to future plans for the restoration of these monuments, such as ethical considerations surrounding the distinctions between conservation/restoration and rebuilding, the practice of salvage archaeology and questions relating to memory and intangible heritage.

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Late Antique tokens in the British Museum

This brief article explains the resource available on the website in the collection labelled 'Late Antique tokens in the British Museum'.

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The Missing Link? Preliminary Fieldwork in Armenia

This article discusses preliminary thoughts about how Armenian ecclesiastical architecture relates to monuments in Syria and also begins to consider issues relating to South Caucasian church architecture in general. It puts forward the impressions made on the author by a so-called 'Syrian' type church and offers some observations on a monument that married the "three church" and domed basilica types.

The piece is intended as a starting place for future research and, as such, is very much work in progress rather than offering a fixed position on these questions at this stage.

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Widening Participation in Cultural Heritage Events: Community Outreach and Engagement

This section of the website reports the community initiatives that have been undertaken in relation to this research. Due to the war in Syria, this work has concentrated on engagement with different groups in Georgia. There has been a particular focus on educational programmes organised in partnership with the Simon Janashia State Museum of Georgia (the Georgian National Museum) with funding from the University of Exeter. The work is currently ongoing and it is hoped that the project will continue after the Architecture and Asceticism project is completed in October 2017.

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