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Tomb of Elahbel

This is one of the best-preserved tomb towers still extant and preserves many elements of its original fresco and sculptural decoration.

Type: Architecture
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Palmyra Valley of the Tombs

These pictures show some of the tomb towers that populate the 'Valley of the Tombs' the most famous necropolis associated with Palmyra and located south of the ancient city.

Type: Architecture
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View of the Valley of the Tombs from Qalat Ibn Maan

These photographs show the valley dotted with tomb towers south of the ruins of Palmyra. The pictures were taken from the hill on which the castle stands.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Dayr Yakub

Dayr Yakub is a C5th monastery on the edge of the suburbs to the south of Urfa. The monastery is built on the top of a hill above an ancient quarry and clearly appropriated the site of a former pagan sanctuary. The earlier cult complex was also used as a necropolis as well as a place of sacrifice as a Palmyrene-style tomb tower, complete with a Syriac inscription, was incorporated into the later monastery buildings.

Type: Architecture
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