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Amida/Diyarbakir's South Wall and Mardin Gate

The well preserved southern section of Diyarbakir's very impressive ancient defences and the Mardin gate. The fortifications have been substantially modified and repaired over the centuries.

Type: Architecture
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View of the city walls and main gate of Dura Europos

These images show the walls as the city is approached and the main gate of Dura Europos.

Type: Architecture
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Resafa 1997 visit

These images were taken at Resafa in February 1997. It was pouring with rain and this affected the quality of the images, as did the fact that both the black and white images and the slides were developed badly in Syria. The visit was made in the company of Fr. Na'aman, a Rum Orthodox Archimandrite who ministered to all Christians in Raqqa and who appears in some of the images.
Most of the images show the basilica that dominates the city as the most substantial building still extant and that became the centre of the cult of Mar Sarkis (St. Sergius) after the partition of the city under Islamic rule. An early mosque abuts the north side of the basilica, but was not built to the same high standard and now little remains.
The rest of the pictures show the city walls and the Sura Gate (North gate) to the city.

Type: Architecture
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Urfa City Walls

The most complete section of the ancient city walls still extant is in the north-eastern sector of the old city around what is now known as the 'Bey Gate', but which was in fact a bastion.

Type: Architecture
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Harran Gate, one of the south gates into the old city of Urfa

The Harran gate is built around the original late antique gate and incorporates late antique elements as well as Seljuk sculpture. These views show bot the north and south sides of the gate.

Type: Architecture
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