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Abano Pass into Tusheti

This is the only overland route to Tusheti from the rest of Georgia, apart from a hiking trail that leads to Khevsureti. The pass is only open in high summer and is inaccessible for around eight months a year.

Type: Landscape
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Views over the modern town beside the temple complex.

Type: Landscape
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Bazda Maǧaralari

Bazda Maǧaralari is named for the white rocks quarried at the site. It is located east of Harran and was extensively quarried in antiquity, providing the stone for Harran, Shuayb and a number of other local towns.

Type: Landscape
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Confluence of the Aragvi and Mktvari Rivers and general view of Mtskheta

Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Kartli and believed by Georgians to be the first place in the country to accept Christianity in the C4th. It is the location of the national Cathedral, Svetiskhoveli, which is named for the miraculous 'life-giving' pillar at its heart. The confluence of the Aragvi and Mktvari Rivers can be seen most clearly from the hill of Jvari. This confluence is remarked upon as the waters of the two rivers are very different colours and this is clearly visible from above.

Type: Landscape
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Dayr al Hayek

Dayr al Hayek means "the monastery of the weaver" and is a cave south of Deir Mar Musa. The archaeological evidence found in the cave suggests that it was inhabited by a hermit in the early phase of the monastery when it was a lava. This means that the monks lived in cells/caves around the central monastic buildings and came together only for communal prayer at specific times. The cave was named due to the fact that a loom was discovered there. A new building now envelops the cave as an annexe to the main monastery of Deir Mar Musa.

Type: Landscape
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Defile north of Maaloula that was used for early Christian burials

The narrow rock defile north of Maaloula is called by the local inhabitants the siq and (not entirely seriously) compared with the defile at Petra in Jordan. This part of the town and the high ground above and around the town was used for Roman and Late Antique burials.

Type: Landscape
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Qaryatayn Tell

These images show the tell to the south of Qaryatayn and the surrounding landscape, including the remains of the spring that once fed the surrounding area.

Type: Landscape
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Rekha/Mt. Tkhoti

The (As)Syrian Father Tadeoz Stepantsmindeli is also known as Theodosius or Tata and is also referred to as bearing the toponym "Rekhali". This is because he was associated with the church of St. Stephen (Tsminda Stepanos) in the village of Rekha on the slope of Mt. Tkhoti in Shida Kartli. Today it is unclear which of the several ruined sites on the mountainside was Rekha and so Tadeoz Stepantsmindeli is the only one of these figures who does not have an ancient or modern monastery associated with him today.

Type: Landscape
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Roman road

This paved Roman road is approximately one kilometre in length and intersects the road from Aleppo to Dana on the Limestone Massif.

Type: Landscape
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The ancient monastic cemetery of Deir Mar Musa

The ancient monastic cemetery of Deir Mar Musa is located in the wadi west of the monastery. It was mentioned by Sir Richard Burton in the C19th and had been comprehensively looted by the latter part of the C20th.

Type: Landscape
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