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Shuayb is the name given to a ruined late antique town east of Harran. The name comes from the local association of the site with the Prophet Jethro, who is venerated in a small cave shrine (a Roman/late antique funerary chamber) in the ruins. The architectural style is close to that of the Syrian Limestone Massif to the south, but is very simple and lacks the decorative relief carvings often found further south. It is un-excavated so little is known about the site, but the remains still above ground do not include any buildings that are clearly linked to religious practice and there are no unusual monuments or distinguishing features that enable scholars to identify the ancient name of this settlement.

Type: Architecture
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Bazda Maǧaralari

Bazda Maǧaralari is named for the white rocks quarried at the site. It is located east of Harran and was extensively quarried in antiquity, providing the stone for Harran, Shuayb and a number of other local towns.

Type: Landscape
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