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The Church of Paulinus, Tyre

In his History of the Church, Eusebius of Caesarea devoted the tenth book to Bishop Paulinus of Tyre. In it Eusebius repeated the oration that he delivered on the occasion of the dedication of Paulinus' new church in Tyre. In the mid 1990s an Israeli bomb destroyed an apartment block in the centre of the city. When the rubble was cleared away evidence for an early church was discovered. Its unusual floorplan with the altar placed on a central platform in the nave suggested that the structure was constructed before church planning crystallised in the post-Constantinian era and led to speculation that this newly revealed site was in fact the church of Paulinus.

Type: Architecture
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The Temple of Mercury (also known as the Temple of Bacchus), Baalbek

The temple believed to have been dedicated to Mercury also possesses imagery linked to Bacchus, in addition to the presence of symbols such as the caduceus belonging Mercury. This has led to the temple being referred to in conjunction with both deities.

Type: Architecture
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Views over the modern town beside the temple complex.

Type: Landscape
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The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

These photographs show changes that were made to the temple in order to fortify it in the medieval Islamic era.

Type: Architecture
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The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

The largest of the three temples at the site, the temple of Jupiter is perhaps most famous for the presence of the trilithon, three stones in the podium of the temple that are amongst the largest ever utilised by man.

Type: Architecture
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