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View of the south arcade of the nave

A view of the south arcade of the nave with the evangelists St. Matthew and St. Mark in the spandrels, Elijah and Elisha above St. Matthew and St. Julian the Old Man beneath him on the pillar and what is believed to be the remains of St. George above St. Mark.

Apostles are visible on the triumphal arch over the semi-dome of the apse. On the chancel screen are the remnants of the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Type: Painting
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The evangelist Matthew and on the lower layer Elijah handing his cloak to Elisha as he ascends to heaven

This spandrel is at the east end on the south side of the nave and shows the evangelist Matthew writing his gospel. Behind him is the inscription that dates the third layer of fresco in the chapel to 1207/08. Underneath it is possible to see a scene painted post 1058 and pre 1095, which is the date of the second cycle. It shows Elijah handing his cloak to Elisha as he ascends to heaven and the two are identified by Greek inscriptions, which is the only language used on the first level, whereas Greek is only used for monograms on the later layers, which instead use Syriac, Arabic and Garshuni (Syriac characters to write Arabic words).

Type: Painting
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