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View of the south arcade of the nave

A view of the south arcade of the nave with the evangelists St. Matthew and St. Mark in the spandrels, Elijah and Elisha above St. Matthew and St. Julian the Old Man beneath him on the pillar and what is believed to be the remains of St. George above St. Mark.

Apostles are visible on the triumphal arch over the semi-dome of the apse. On the chancel screen are the remnants of the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Type: Painting
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St. Julian of the East otherwise known as St. Julian the Old Man

The figure facing the nave on the south east pillar of the church is clearly labelled in Syriac 'Mar Julyano Sobo' or St. Julian the Old Man. This is the same figure as St. Julian of the East or 'Mar Elian esh Sharqi' which was the dedication of the monastery in Qaryatayn, approximately 45 kilometres away and which was destroyed by IS in August 2015.

Type: Painting
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The Church of Mar Sarkis, Sadad

The Church of Mar Sarkis (St. Sergius) in Sadad is a Syrian Orthodox Church that dates back to late antiquity. It is principally notable for its extremely rare C18th wall paintings commissioned by Bishop Dioskoros Sarukhan, who is reported to have died in Sadad on 11th February 1769 at the age of 110.
The images are unique not only because they are they only surviving C18th cycle on the entire region, but also for the information that they give us about the veneration of local saints. The scenes include Mar Musa al-Habashi (St. Moses the Abyssinian or Ethiopian) and Mar Elian esh-Sharqi (St. Julian the Old Man) both of whom have local monasteries named after them at Qaryatayn and Nabk respectively. Whereas Mar Elian is depicted on the medieval frescoes at Deir Mar Musa, this is the earliest known depiction of Mar Musa. Other unusual scenes include Jonah and the whale and portraits of Bishop Dioskoros and other bishops. There is also a notable, apparently C19th, icon of Mar Sarkis in the church. Before the civil war the paintings were being restored by a team from the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) and these images were taken in 2008 when the work was underway.

Type: Painting
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