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St. Julian of the East otherwise known as St. Julian the Old Man

The figure facing the nave on the south east pillar of the church is clearly labelled in Syriac 'Mar Julyano Sobo' or St. Julian the Old Man. This is the same figure as St. Julian of the East or 'Mar Elian esh Sharqi' which was the dedication of the monastery in Qaryatayn, approximately 45 kilometres away and which was destroyed by IS in August 2015.

Type: Painting
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Inscription dated 1419 in the name of Emir Sayf Ed-Dawleh

This Arabic inscription above the interior door of the monastery was erected in the year 1419 and in it the Emir Sayf Ed-Dawleh pledges to defend all pilgrims to the shrine from attack.

Type: Inscription
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Views of the tower in the south east corner of the cloister

These pictures show the tower in the south west corner of the enclosure prior to re-rendering of the monastery.

Type: Architecture
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The entrance to Dayr Mar Elian

In this picture of the entrance to the monastery hand prints can be seen over the lintel. These were made by people making a vow to the saint and sacrificing an animal (goat or sheep) at the site and leaving a bloody handprint over the entrance to seal the prayer.

Type: Architecture
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Views of the cloister exterior

These pictures show the cloister after it was re-rendered - including a detail of the monastery entrance. This is contrasted with the north side of the cloister, where the render has not yet been renewed.

Type: Architecture
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View north and north west over the excavations in and around the church

These images show the area around the former church at the end of the 2004 excavation season.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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View east over the site of the church

This view shows the sarcophagus in the foreground and looks east to a plastered iconostasis and steps up to the sanctuary. Beyond that is the chamber where the sick are believed to have stayed for three days and three nights and prayed for a cure.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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View over the excavation looking north east

This shows the excavation on the site of the church and to the south and east of the 1938 structure looking north east.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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View over excavated church with stone arches in the foreground

These views north and north west over the church show how the arcade excavated to the east of the church seems to have originally been part of a larger church building.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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