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Halabiyeh 1992

Photographs taken of Halabiyeh in December 1992.

Type: Archaeological Site
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View of Halabiyeh from across the Euphrates

This is how Halabiyeh looks from across the Euphrates.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Views of Zalabiyeh and the surrounding area from the Praetorium

These panoramic views of Halabiyeh and the surrounding area were taken from the Praetorium at the top of the hill overlooking the ancient town.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Views of Halabiyeh upstream from Zalabiyeh

These views of the remains of Halabiyeh were taken downstream of the site, standing on the ruins of Zalabiyeh.

Type: Landscape
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General views of Zalabiyeh and the surrounding landscape

These images were taken on a first survey visit to the site on 9th April 2010 and show the extent of the extant remains, evidence of looting and views over the river in the direction of Halabiyeh.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Fortifications, Zalabiyeh

The fortification of Zalabiyeh is recorded by Procopius who attributes the building of the defences to Justinian's reign. As with much of Procopius' testimony this claim must not be accepted out of hand. The remains of the defences show evidence of at least two major phases of building. The oldest phase is composed of ashlar faced walls with a rubble and concrete core, the later phase is made up of ashlars throughout. The later phase appears to have been only present in some of the towers and is certainly part of a renovation of the defences where some of the older towers needing replacing. These two different wall building techniques are mirrored across the river at the fortifications of Halabiyeh, Zalabiyeh's sister site. I have proposed that the site was not originally fortified by Justinian but was rather repaired during his reign and had older origins, potentially during the reign of Anastasius.

Type: Architecture
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Syro-British Mission to Deir Ez Zor, Salvage Excavation of the Citadel of Zalabiyeh on the Euphrates. Preliminary Report of the First Campaign (2010)

An internal report submitted to the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) in Damascus and to project sponsors.

Type: Text
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