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Burj Baqirha

Burj Baqirha is the local name given to a C2nd Roman temple that survives on the hill above the settlement of that name overlooking the Syrian-Turkish border.

Type: Architecture
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The Temple of Mercury (also known as the Temple of Bacchus), Baalbek

The temple believed to have been dedicated to Mercury also possesses imagery linked to Bacchus, in addition to the presence of symbols such as the caduceus belonging Mercury. This has led to the temple being referred to in conjunction with both deities.

Type: Architecture
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The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

These photographs show changes that were made to the temple in order to fortify it in the medieval Islamic era.

Type: Architecture
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The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

The largest of the three temples at the site, the temple of Jupiter is perhaps most famous for the presence of the trilithon, three stones in the podium of the temple that are amongst the largest ever utilised by man.

Type: Architecture
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Kafar Nabo

Kafar Nabo is on Jebel Seman about halfway between Burj Heidar and Brad and in 1997 it was accessible only by walking. The settlement was sacred to the god Nabo in antiquity and in the C4th a large church was built on the site of the pagan temple. Elements of this temple were incorporated in the church, which also possessed a double-size bema. Scattered around the site were the remains of a ciborium, an earlier Latin inscription, two Roman statues (one male, one female) and a Greek inscription on a door lintel.

Type: Architecture
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