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Baqirha C5th church

The C5th church at Baqirha possesses a bema and has so many outbuildings that it was erronously believed to be a monastery in the past. Today most of the walls have fallen and it is difficult to make out the floorplan of the building.

Type: Architecture
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Views towards Antakya from Syria

These views look down from the Syrian Limestone Massif at Baqirha towards Antakya and the Mediterranean coast.

Type: Landscape
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Burj Baqirha

Burj Baqirha is the local name given to a C2nd Roman temple that survives on the hill above the settlement of that name overlooking the Syrian-Turkish border.

Type: Architecture
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Baqirha C6th church

The settlement of Baqirha had two churches. The façade of the C6th church is perfectly preserved, but the rest of the church is obscured by foliage and fallen masonry. The village is on the high plateau facing the Syrian-Turkish border to the west.

Type: Architecture
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