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St. Sergius

St. Sergius faces eastwards on the northern arcade of the nave, directly opposite St. Bacchus on the south side. He had been identified by an inscription but is very damaged in comparison with St. Bacchus.

Type: Painting
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West end of the southern arcade of the nave

This shows the west end of the southern arcade of the nave with St. Bacchus and the elect with an unidentified saint between the arch and window, the evangelist Mark and the remains of St. George.

Type: Painting
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St. Bacchus

St. Bacchus is located on the south arcade and is believed to have faced St. Sergius across the nave, but the equestrian saint opposite has been almost entirely destroyed. He faces east and rides towards the direction in which Christ will reappear at the time of the Last Judgement.

Type: Painting
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Unidentified saint above the south western arch

This small saint is inserted between St. Bacchus to the west and a damaged figure believed to have been St. George to the east. Its diminutive size is because it is sandwiched between the highest part of an arch and a window in the clerestory.

Type: Painting
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St. Bacchus and the elect

The south west corner of the chapel with a depiction of the equestrian St. Bacchus above a collection of saints ascending to heaven as they are on the side of the elect on the Last Judgement scene that dominates the west wall of the chapel. To the east of St. Bacchus is a small unidentified saint squeezed between the arch and a window.

Type: Painting
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Bosra Cathedral of SS. Leontius and Bacchus

The C5th cathedral of Bosra has a quatrefoil centralised floor plan terminating in the east end in a complex arrangement of a central apse, flanked by two chambers that then link through to two further small subsidiary apses to north and south. Therefore the east end is divided into five chambers, three being apsed and two that presumably functioned as sacristies or martyria.

Type: Architecture
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Resafa Pilgrimage 1998

On 7th October 1998 thousands of Syrian and Lebanese Christians converged on Resafa to celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the martyrdom of SS. Sergius and Bacchus (they were fully aware that they were one year late - this was blamed on typical Syrian lack of organisation by those asked to provide an explanation for the belated date). An ecumenical ceremony took place in the basilica and these pictures document this event.

Type: Architecture
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