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St. Sergius

St. Sergius faces eastwards on the northern arcade of the nave, directly opposite St. Bacchus on the south side. He had been identified by an inscription but is very damaged in comparison with St. Bacchus.

Type: Painting
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St. George

This east-facing equestrian saint above the western spandrel of the southern arcade is popularly believed to have been St. George. Only the bottom of a white horse crossing a fish-filled sea is still extant.

Type: Painting
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St. Bacchus

St. Bacchus is located on the south arcade and is believed to have faced St. Sergius across the nave, but the equestrian saint opposite has been almost entirely destroyed. He faces east and rides towards the direction in which Christ will reappear at the time of the Last Judgement.

Type: Painting
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St. Bacchus and the elect

The south west corner of the chapel with a depiction of the equestrian St. Bacchus above a collection of saints ascending to heaven as they are on the side of the elect on the Last Judgement scene that dominates the west wall of the chapel. To the east of St. Bacchus is a small unidentified saint squeezed between the arch and a window.

Type: Painting
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