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View over excavated church with stone arches in the foreground

These views north and north west over the church show how the arcade excavated to the east of the church seems to have originally been part of a larger church building.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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View of the excavated church looking north

This shows the majority of the area of what had been the 1938 church and reveals the stone foundations of an earlier chapel on the site.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Views of the room uncovered beneath the east end of the 1938 church

These pictures show the small room located at the east end of the 1938 church underneath the sanctuary. This is where local informants remember there being a small chamber for sick people to stay for three days in the hope of being cured by the saint.

Type: Archaeological Site
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The sarcophagus with metal bands to hold the object together

When the walls and base on which the sarcophagus had been standing were removed, cloth-wrapped metal bands were secured around the objects to keep it together and make sure that the tomb remained stable.

Type: Sculpture
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Qaryatayn Tell

These images show the tell to the south of Qaryatayn and the surrounding landscape, including the remains of the spring that once fed the surrounding area.

Type: Landscape
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Details of the Byzantine sarcophagus once the surrounding walls have been dismantled

This shows details of the Byzantine sarcophagus once it has been cleared of rubble and cleaned up. Amongst the pilgrimage graffiti a star of David was discovered with two Hebrew characters, suggesting that at some point Jewish, as well as Christian and Muslim pilgrims venerated the holy man buried at the site. A number of Syriac and Arabic inscriptions on the tomb have been published in epigraphic surveys of Syria.

Type: Sculpture
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View to the south west looking over the former site of the 1938 church

This shows that the local account of a small chamber to the east of the sanctuary was correct. Local informants told of a small room to the east of the altar where those afflicted with illness stayed for three days and nights in the hope of cure from the saint.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Stone arcade running east from the site of the 1938 church

A stone arcade was revealed to be running further east than the 1938 church, on the same alignment of the church so that it suggested that the building was once larger and had contracted over time as the shrine had declined in importance.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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View of the east wall of the chapel after the dismantling of the 1938 church

These pictures show the stone wall that was beneath the east end of the 1938 church and elements of the stone and mud brick chambers that abutted it.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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