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(Modern) Syriac inscription

Sculpture, C18th-C19th? Urfa Museum.

Type: Inscription
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Entrance to the Tomb of the Three Brothers

The Tomb of the Three Brothers is a well-known frescoed hypogeum to the south of the Valley of the Tombs. The entrance has an extensive Palmyrene inscription over the door detailing the names of those interred inside.

Type: Inscription
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Inscription dated 1419 in the name of Emir Sayf Ed-Dawleh

This Arabic inscription above the interior door of the monastery was erected in the year 1419 and in it the Emir Sayf Ed-Dawleh pledges to defend all pilgrims to the shrine from attack.

Type: Inscription
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Palmyrene inscription

This inscription was photographed in the vicinity of the Temple of Baalshamin.

Type: Inscription
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Soǧmatar (also referred to as Sumatar Harabesi) was the centre of an ancient shrine to a deity known as Marilaha (Lord God). This is known from a number of C2nd AD Syriac inscriptions cut into the summit of a high rock outcrop. The approach to this ritual high place also had reliefs of the sun and moon gods cut into the rock. Nearby is a cave, referred to as the Pognon cave after the first European to record the site, with carved images of gods and a number of Syriac inscriptions that was obviously used for some kind of funerary or cult practice, A large circular building that shows some affinities with Zoroastrian 'towers of silence' completes the grouping of monuments, but the exact function of the last mentioned element has yet to be fully understood. What is clear is that this was not a permanently occupied town, but rather a holy place of pilgrimage where the faithful would gather for key festivals. These would be officiated at by priests, but whether these religious personages lived at Soǧmatar all the time or not is unclear.

Type: Inscription
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Syriac inscription

Sculpture, C2nd-C4th? Urfa Museum.

Type: Inscription
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Syriac inscription from Viranşehir

Sculpture, C4th. Urfa Museum.

Type: Inscription
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