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Dura Europos Synagogue

The synagogue at Dura Europos is the only painted synagogue yet discovered. The frescoes depict stories from the Life of Moses, the Vision of Ezekiel of the Valley of the Dry Bones, the Sacrifice of Isaac and other Jewish imagery. The roof tiles also featured some figural motifs amongst a whole range of varied imagery. The frescoes are now housed in the National Museum in Damascus and only the footprint of the site remains in Dura.

Type: Architecture
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Capernaum is an ancient fishing town situated on the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee and the ancient highway, the Via Maris, passed through it. It is identified as the place where Christ settled and as it was referred to as “his own town” (Matthew 9:1). He taught in the synagogue (which was rebuilt in the fifth century), it is the place where He healed the paralysed man and it is also the site of Peter’s house. Today, Capernaum is in ruins. It is possible to see the foundations of the houses and the original synagogue that were all made from a local basalt stone. Many decorated stones from the fifth century synagogue are also dotted around the site.

Type: Architecture
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