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Ghonthur is a hamlet in the Syrian desert between Homs and Palmyra that still preserves some of the mud brick "beehive houses" that were historically the indigenous domestic architecture of the region.

Type: Architecture
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Hammam Abu Rabah

Hammam Abu Rabah gets its name because sulphurous steam rises from underground at the site and rooms have been built to harness this steam for use as a sauna. To the west of the "baths" is a substantial medieval ruin, possibly of a Khan/Caravanserai.

Type: Architecture
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Views looking east from Deir Mar Musa

Views looking eastwards from the central courtyard of Deir Mar Musa over the desert.

Type: Landscape
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View over Qaryatayn looking east from the neighbouring hills

This view eastwards over Qaryatayn shows the wadi (seasonal watercourse) in the foreground with Dayr Mar Elian in the middle and the modern settlement in the background. The pictures face eastwards in the direction of Palmyra.

Type: Landscape
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Davit Gareja

Davit Gareja is the name given to a complex of monasteries in the semi-desert on the Georgian-Azeri border. It refers specifically to the largest and most important of the monasteries, the Lavra, which has been re-established since the fall of communism. The Lavra dates from the C6th onwards and is associated with Davit Garejeli who is considered the most important (and possibly the leader of) the Thirteen (As)Syrian Fathers.

Type: Architecture
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