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Umayyad Mosque Aleppo 1992

These pictures were taken in December 1992 and show the Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo. The famous minaret of the mosque has since been destroyed in fighting during the Syrian civil war.

Type: Architecture
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Madrasa Halawiyeh

The madrasa is an Islamic school that was built by Nur al-Din (1118-1174) on the apse of the former Byzantine cathedral of Aleppo. The capitals are very close stylistically to those at Qalat Seman, suggesting that the church was originally built in the second half of the fifth century. Beside the steps down into the madrasa is a large basalt block inscribed with Christian symbols and some Syriac words. Its placement seems designed to underline Islamic supremacy over the former Christian owners of the site.

Type: Architecture
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An almost perfectly preserved C5th basilica south of the road from Aleppo to Daret 'Azzeh, Mushabbak is a popular destination for pilgrims on their journey to Qalat Seman.

Type: Architecture
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Bab al Hawa

Bab al Hawa means the gate of the winds and is the main border point between Antakya and Aleppo. A late antique monastery stands in no-mans land between the two passport and customs offices.

Type: Architecture
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