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The north aisle of the church facing east

This image shows the east end of the northern aisle of the chapel with the font in the foreground and the Baptism of Christ and Simeon Stylites behind.

Type: Architecture
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Fresco of Simeon Stylites

This fresco is to the north of the Baptism of Christ fresco in the north east corner of the chapel. The untidy looking inscription beneath the painting is contemporary with the picture and is dated 1095, thus fixing the date of the second level of paintings in the church.

Type: Painting
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Fresco of the Baptism of Christ

This painting is on the east wall of the north aisle of the monastery chapel and is believed to have been painted in the area of the church used as a baptistery as a broken font was discovered in the valley below the church and has now been replaced in the north aisle. These frescoes are part of the second cycle painted in the chapel and date to 1095.

Type: Painting
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Fresco of an angel

This angel has become the most well-known fresco at Deir Mar Musa as it is used as the symbol of the modern monastic community. This fresco is on the north side of the wall adjacent to the apse and is alongside an image of the Baptism of Christ. It is part of the second of the three levels of fresco and therefore can be dated to 1095.

Type: Painting
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