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The city of Cyrrhus lies to the north of the Limestone Massif near the contemporary Syrian-Turkish border. Today it is known locally as Nebi Uri as a late antique tomb on the site is believed by the local population to be the tomb of the Old Testament prophet Uriah. Apart from the tomb, the most notable remains still extant are the Roman bridge and amphitheatre - there is little clear evidence above ground of the Christian city that played a significant role in the C5th church councils thanks to the participation of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus.

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Dayr Tell Ada

Dayr Tell Ada stands on the southern slopes of Jebel Sheikh Barakat (the Mountain of the Old Man of Blessings) and plays a large role in the history of the Syrian Orthodox Church. It was mentioned by Theodoret and other chroniclers as the place where Simeon Stylites began his monastic career, before being expelled for the extreme feats of mortification that he insisted on undertaking. It was a 'dual house' for both Syriac and Greek speakers and had two abbots - one for each language - at the time of Theodoret.

It later became the home of St Jacob of Edessa, who died at Tell Ada in 708 having returned to pack up his fabled library when he moved home to Edessa.

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