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Tsvirmi village, Ipari community, Svaneti

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Tsvirmi village in Ipari community in Svaneti is C9th. It obviously had an additional aisle to the south side originally that may well have terminated in an apse, but this has now been destroyed leaving a square U-shaped anthrax around the west end of the church that is clearly used for village feasts. It is equipped with benches, tables and other equipment necessary for festal meals. To the south of the church is a ruined structure that shows evidence of fallen arches amongst the masonry and which the local people claim to have plundered for the arches in narthex of the church. The villagers believe the ruins to be those of an even earlier church.

Type: Architecture
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Iprari village, Kala community, Svaneti

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Iprari village in the Kala community in Svaneti has a fresco cycle painted by the artist Tevdoré at the end of the C11th. It includes a Deesis in the apse.

Type: Architecture
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Lashtkhveri village, Lenjeri community, Svaneti

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Lashtkveri village in the Lenjeri community in Svaneti has frescoes on both its both its north and south sides dating to the C14th-C15th. The northern side depicts a scene from the ancient Georgian Amiran-Darejiani romance.

Type: Architecture
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Matskhvarishi village, Latali community, Svaneti

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Matskhvarishi village in the Latali community in Svaneti is C14th. As with other later churches in Svaneti, its relevance to this project is the fact that it preserves and reflects earlier traditions - not least that Svaneti has the largest concentration of frescoes in Georgia with some dating back to the C9th-C10th. This church has remnants of the Svan practice of decorating church exteriors with C16th frescoes still extant on the apse exterior. This is especially unusual given the harsh climate of Svaneti in the winter months.

Type: Architecture
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