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Aghtamar cemetery

These are images of the headstones and inscriptions that litter the island of Aghtamar. Mostly they belong to the monks and occupants of the island that have lived there over the centuries. These do not mark the graves of those killed in 1915 dissolution and destruction of the monastery.

Type: Sculpture
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Aghtamar monastery and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

The Aghtamar monastery and cathedral that sit on Aghtamar island were built by Armenians in the 10th century AD. It existed as a monastic site and community until 1915 when the community was destroyed. By 1951 the whole site was abandoned, extensively vandalised and was set for demolition, fortunately it was saved. It has undergone extensive and somewhat damaging restoration in recent years often not sympathetic to the sites original construction. The carvings that adorn its outer walls are among the most fascinating aspects of the Cathedral.

Type: Architecture
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The church at Tsromi has an inscription dating its construction to 626-634 and it is a domed basilica of a type similar to that found in Armenia at Mren and in several other locations.

Type: Architecture
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