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Maaloula Church of Mar Sarkis

These pictures show the late antique church of Mar Sarkis (St. Sergius) which is sometimes ascribed an early C4th, possibly pre-Constantinian, foundation date due to the exceptionally rare survival of a horseshoe-shaped altar table. This shape is usually associated with pagan altars and in this case is believed to have been made for a Christian place of worship due to the lack of drainage channels for blood sacrifices. The church also housed a large collection of icons, including an 1813 image of SS. Sergius and Bacchus by Michael of Crete. The fate of these icons is currently unclear after an attack on the church by jihadists in the course of the Syrian civil war.

Type: Architecture
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Dehes is in the south of the Jebel Barisha and has been excavated by a French team since it was initially surveyed by Tchalenko. The C5th church in the village is generally very well preserved and has a bema, chancel screen and the altar stone still extant at the time of the site visit.

Type: Architecture
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Group of capital sculptures

Sculpture, C3rd-C4th. A group of capital sculptures featuring scenes of Winged Victories with altars, Lovers, Mermen and Dolphins. Urfa Museum.

Type: Sculpture
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Figure making a votive offering on an altar

Sculpture, C2nd-C4th? Located in Urfa Museum.

Type: Sculpture
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