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Finds record of the 2010 excavation season at Zalabiyeh

This Excel document records the finds that were collected and lodged in the Deir ez Zor Museum during the 2010 excavation season. These objects are now presumed lost or destroyed due to the IS presence in the town as a consequence of the Syrian civil war.

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Inventory of 1962 images

A hand list of the images taken in 1962 with detailed captions provided for each picture by the contributor of the photographs, John Ingham.

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Monastic Archaeology in Syria (2): the 2004 season at Dayr Mar Elian esh-Sharqi, Qaryatayn, Syria

This is the report (unpublished) of the final season of the Dayr Mar Elian Archaeological Project (DMEAP). It was submitted for publication to Levant but the manuscript was overlooked when the publication changed editorial staff and material was lost in the move.

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Syro-British Mission to Deir Ez Zor, Salvage Excavation of the Citadel of Zalabiyeh on the Euphrates. Preliminary Report of the First Campaign (2010)

An internal report submitted to the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) in Damascus and to project sponsors.

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The Dayr Mar Elian Archaeological Project: Report on the 2002 Season Fieldwork

Two interim reports for the funding bodies (SAL and CBRL) explaining the progress of the first season of excavation at Dayr Mar Elian.

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The Deir Mar Musa Censer

This is the text of a lecture given on the occasion of a facsimile of the censer taken from Deir Mar Musa by Richard Burton in the C19th being returned to the Community at a reception at the British Council in Damascus on September 27th 2001. The images cannot be included as the copyright for those rests with the British Museum.

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The Early Christian bema churches of Syria revisited

A brief note published in Antiquity 75 (2001): 509-10

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The Early Syriac Liturgical Drama and its Architectural Setting

This article was published in 1999 and summarises some of the ideas that were expanded in the later monograph The Architecture and Liturgy of the Bema in Fourth- to-Sixth-Century Syrian Churches.

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