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Burned feature of Trench 1

This picture looks N and shows a burned feature of Context 1.03 in Trench 1.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Byzantine Reliquaries

The damaged remains of two Byzantine reliquaries were found during the excavations at Dayr Mar Elian. The lid of one replicates a Roman sarcophagus and the other piece is a base of a different size decorated with a motif of ringed circles.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Chabukauri is located to the west of Nekresi monastery and lies in the modern territory of that foundation. As at Dolochopi, the large three-church basilica found on the site was once the centre of a substantial settlement that has since been overtaken by forest, although in this case the growth is not as dense as it is in Dolochopi. Also as at Dolochopi, there are various phases to the building. In this case the large church is believed to date to the fourth to fifth centuries and, after the main church was damaged in an earthquake, part of the north-eastern sector of the building was adapted to become the south aisle of a new, smaller building. This smaller church was constructed with two distinctive horseshoe-shaped apses, the larger of which had a synthronon - as at the main church in nearby Dolochopi. Also as at Dolochopi there are medieval kist burials scattered across the site. Finally to the north west of the main church there is a small apses structure, believed to date to the fourth century, that boasts a high quality terracotta tiled floor, suggesting that this too could have been an early church. The main building was roofed by timber beams and terracotta tiles held in place with nails and ante fixes as at Dolochopi and here there was evidence that the walls of the structure were once plastered and painted red.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Context 2.01 of extension 1 to Trench 2

This picture shows the first extension to Trench 2 at the level of Context 2.01 looking NE.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Dayr Mar Elian

These images show the cloister of Dayr Mar Elian esh-Sharqi after the Syrian team from the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) finished their work at the site. A strategy for preserving the site has been indefinitely delayed by the start of the Syrian civil war.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Dayr Mar Elian panorama

This is a panorama of the old cloister looking west, with the new church and graveyard to the rear of the picture. The image was taken by a Lebanese visitor to the site in 2009 after the excavations had been completed.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Dayr Mar Elian post-excavation 2005

These pictures were taken in 2005 after the British Archaeological excavations had ended and before a Syrian team undertook to excavate the entirety of the cloister. In the year since the excavations had ended a new mud brick chapel had been constructed over the sarcophagus of the saint and at the east end of this chapel the trench where three fragments of Byzantine reliquaries had been discovered with a broken glass vessel had been left uncovered. Groundworks on the north side of the chapel in preparation for a new northern cloister revealed the earlier stratigraphy of the enclosure/chapel wall.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Detail of a bone excavated from Context 2.03 in Trench 2

Detail of an animal bone being excavated from Context 2.03 in Trench 2.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Detail of a threshold and area of burning in Trench 2

This picture was taken facing N and shows a threshold and patch of carbon indicating burning discovered in Context 2.02 of Trench 2.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Detail of ceramic in situ in Trench 2

This picture shows a possible ceramic vessel being excavated in Context 2.01 of Trench 2.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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