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Sheikh Sulaiman C5th church

The C5th church remains in the heart of the village and it is perhaps for this reason that so little of it was still extant in 1997. The bema was still visible along with fragments of wall and several doorways, but the rest of the stone had been taken from the site.

Type: Architecture
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Sheikh Sulaiman C6th church

This church is very well preserved with the portico and a tower still extant. There is some speculation that the tower could once have been the dwelling of a hermit due to the stylite imagery on the portico and because the whole complex was constructed a short distance away from the village.

Type: Architecture
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Sheikh Sulaiman church dated 602

This church is located to the west of the village of Sheikh Sulaiman and an inscription dates its construction to 602, making it one of the youngest securely dated churches on the Limestone Massif

Type: Architecture
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