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Dzalisa Excavations

See the entry on Dzalisa for the history of the site and the excavated part of the Roman settlement.

Currently excavations are continuing each summer on the edge of the village burial ground where a significant late antique tomb was uncovered in 1988. In the last year a large mud brick complex - believed to be a temple - has been discovered and research by the National Museum of Georgia is ongoing in this sector of the site.

Type: Archaeological Excavation
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Views of artefacts in the garden of Damascus National Museum

Views of the garden of the National Museum in Damascus that is used to display primarily Classical and Late Antique sculpture, sarcophagi and architectural elements.

Type: Museum Exhibit
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Halabiyeh 1992

Photographs taken of Halabiyeh in December 1992.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Qirq Bizeh 1992

The village of Qirq Bizeh photographed in December 1992.

Type: Archaeological Site
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Resafa 1992

These pictures were taken on a visit to Resafa in December 1992.

Type: Architecture
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Gremi in Kakheti is best known today for its extremely well-preserved complex of seventeenth century buildings, preserved from the time when the city was the regional capital. However beside the citadel lie the remains of an older city at the site and this includes three adjoining small early churches that have been built abutting each other and clumsily linked physically and given additional elements such as a dome in later periods.

Type: Architecture
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Limestone Funerary Effigy of a Man

This limestone carving is a funerary effigy for an unknown man.

Type: Museum Exhibit
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Limestone Funerary Effigy of a Woman

This limestone carving is a funerary effigy for an unknown woman.

Type: Museum Exhibit
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Carved Basalt Slab

This carved basalt slab contains cruciform imagery but is extremely unlikely to have come from a church, as such motifs were widespread in the Roman and Late Antique periods and often were intended as abstract designs rather than having an underlying meaning.

Type: Museum Exhibit
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Basalt Door

These basalt doors are found across Syria, but generally most frequently originate from the Syrian Limestone Massif around Aleppo and Idlib provinces. They are found throughout the Late Antique period and were a particular feature of tower-houses occupied by multiple families. In some cases these doors have remained in situ, thus enabling us to see how they would have been far easier to operate than the modern viewer would expect.

Type: Museum Exhibit
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