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Ruweiha Church of Bizzos

The C6th Church in Ruweiha is known by the name of its patron Bizzos. It is an exceptionally large building that has a wide arch span facilitated by the use of piers springing from cross-shaped bases, rather than the more usual arrangement of columns and capitals. In the 1990s it was well preserved, but several families lived in houses in the ruins of the structure. The mausoleum of the patron lies on the edge of the church compound.

Type: Architecture
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Pyramid tomb, Al Bara

Al Bara is a modern town located besides the ruins of a substantial late antique settlement in Idlib province. It is particularly well-known for its distinctive pyramidal-roofed mausoleum.

Type: Architecture
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Zar Zita

Zar Zita is a small village to the south west of Qalat Seman. It has scattered Roman and late antique buildings including an imposing first or second century mausoleum in the centre of the settlement.

Type: Architecture
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Al Bara

Al Bara is the largest settlement on Jebel Zawiyeh and is famous with visitors because of its distinctive pyramidal-roofed mausolea. It has five churches and one small church with a narthex and short nave is included amongst these pictures.

Type: Architecture
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